Top Baby Teething Tips

As a parent, you quickly learn the different cries your baby makes to let you know what they need. There is a certain cry for hunger, another one for needing a diaper change and another one for pain. There is, however, another cry, one that is so different from the rest that parents who have older children know far too well. It is the sound of a baby teething. A long, wailing cry that seems to never stop and that can only be soothed by certain methods that have been passed down for centuries from parent to parent. But what if nobody ever taught you what to do when your baby is teething or how to soothe the pain that comes along with it? Then what are you to do?

     We have you covered! If your baby is teething and you need to find something that can provide them with the relief they need, keep reading as we are going to share with you some tips and tricks that we like to use. These tips are very effective and could even help you get a good night’s sleep as well. Let’s take a look at some now:

Cold Foods, Drinks or Paci’s

     Cold food and drink will help cool your baby’s gums giving them some much-needed relief. You want to try foods that they can chew on without choking and that they can hold onto. Some good ones include a frozen carrot, frozen waffle, cold pickles, applesauce or yoghurt or a homemade slushy in their favourite sippy cup. A frozen pacifier is also a good solution for providing teething relief and it is less messy than food.

Apply Pressure

     Another helpful tip is to apply pressure to the gums either with a clean finger or a clean finger dipped in a topical medication designed specifically for teething infants. A wooden teether also works very well and is effective at providing some relief for baby and you.


     There is a wide selection of high quality, effective teethers available that can help soothe your baby’s teething pain and give them something to chew on that won’t make a mess like food does. Wooden teethers or wood/silicon combination teethers, such as the Rattle Duo Teether or Cloud Teether from bébé et moi are both excellent choices as they are naturally safe and easy to keep clean and sanitised.

     Another option is a mesh food strainer teether which enables you to place their favourite chilled or frozen food inside and let them chew away without risk of them accidentally swallowing and choking.

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